If you want your seedlings to grow strong and healthy, you need to give them the best possible start. One way to do this is to mix compost into the planting hole before you set the seedling in place. Compost is rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that can help your seedling establish a strong root system.

To determine how much compost to use, you can estimate that each planting hole needs about 0.25 gallons of material. For a 20 by 20 garden with 50 seedlings and the rest directly seeded vegetables and herbs, you’ll need approximately 3.3 cubic yards of compost for topdressing the surface with 2 inches of compost.

In addition to mixing compost into the planting hole, you can also mulch around the seedlings with compost. This will help retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, and provide a slow-release source of nutrients for your plants.
So if you’re looking to give your seedlings the best start possible, consider incorporating compost into your planting routine. And for high-quality compost and other gardening materials, visit Eco Soil Resources.